Lorraine Brokenshire

Lorraine joined the practice in August 2010 after moving back from Spain where she worked in a small dental practice as a translator. This work led Lorraine to wanting to train to be a dental nurse in the UK.

Lorraine completed her training with Penryn Dental Practice and qualified in 2013 (NVQ Level 3), also qualifying in Oral Health Education, she can plaque disclose and is able to apply Topical Fluoride under prescription. Lorraine married in 2015, with motherhood following in 2016. Lorraine briefly moved to York but found the pull of Cornwall too much. We are so happy that she has returned to Cornwall and is has rejoined us at Penryn Dental Practice. Lorraine enjoys running, cycling, and is in the process of joining a running club as she would like to run a half marathon in the future (hopefully).


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