Endodontic treatment is more commonly called root canal treatment. This treatment is necessary if you have infection in the pulp (which is made up of blood vessels and nerves) inside your tooth. If we were to leave the infection untreated there could be swelling and pain in the surrounding bone and you may ultimately lose the tooth.

If you have an abscess, it may be necessary for us to prescribe you a course of antibiotics prior to carrying out the treatment and Donal, Sean or Claire will give you a full outline of what to expect during the treatment.

Before we commence we will give you adequate local anaesthesia. We will then open the tooth and remove this damaged pulp before filling and sealing it. Quite often we will recommend the placing of a dental crown to further protect the structure of the tooth.

We are often asked if having a root canal treatment is painful. Suffice to say the entire team at Penryn Dental Practice want to ensure your comfort at all times and we are highly trained to minimise any pain you may feel before, during and after treatment.

You are without doubt the best dentist practice I have ever been to – and I’ve had a few. Thank you for all your work, wisdom and outstanding service.

- Luke

I have fairly complex dental requirements and so it is absolutely vital that I trust my dentist and that he does what it says on the tin. Donal is fab, an excellent dentist and highly skilled craftsman. I will love him forever for the time he jiggled appointments around and stayed late in order to fix my broken tooth.  All the dental assistants are gems, always have ready smiles and a hand to squeeze if needed.

- Helen

Having come as a regular patient in a good practice near London I was surprised to find a very much improved service here. The dental hygienist was excellent in teaching me how to improve gum health very impressive practice overall.

- Anita

The relaxing, re-assuring voice of Jo, and the occasional hand on the shoulder also helped control the panic that may have been present.   – Mr D

- Relaxing and re-assuring

Very very happy. I’m a nervous dental patient, but Donal was very reassuring. I actually was prompted to have treatment I’d previously avoided as I felt I was in “safe hands”.