Donal O’Halloran

Donal was born and reared in Cork, Ireland and graduated from University College Cork in 1992. He joined Penryn Dental Practice immediately on graduating and purchased the Practice in 1994.

Since then has been working hard at protecting and improving the dental health of his patients and developing the Practice, the team and the standard of care it delivers. In 2002 he oversaw the withdrawal of the Practice from the NHS and into the Private sector in order to further enhance the standard of care being delivered.

Donal sees himself as a very practically minded, hands-on dentist who loves finding solutions to the vast complexity of problems presented by patients every day. This can range from treating a very nervous child with raging toothache to giving somebody the confidence to smile again or indeed smile with a whole new set of teeth using dental implants to hold them in place.

He is a huge advocate of preventive dentistry and believes in protecting teeth to have a healthy mouth and smile for life. He believes in improving and maintaining the health of the mouth as part of improving the overall health of the patient. However, in instances where dental health hasn’t been maintained then his wide range of skills are used to treat the vast array of problems that can and do need treating.

Donal has worked hard at developing these skills through experience and education. He completed his Oral Surgery training as part of the BUOLD program in Bristol Dental Hospital. He then spent 10 years working on complex dental cases referred into the Oral and Maxillo-Facial unit in RCHT, Truro.

His interest in Oral Surgery led him to train further in placing and restoring dental implants. In 2007 he gained his Diploma in Advanced Surgical and Prosthodontic Implantology from the Eastman Dental Institute in London. Added to this he gained his qualification in Intravenous Sedation from Bristol Dental Hospital allowing him to treat nervous patients whilst sedated.

He continues to travel widely to postgraduate courses tailored to the needs of his developing skill base and those of the Practice and feels that he can cater for most patients’ needs.

A keen sportsman, Donal will happily jump at any sporting challenge from a local triathlon or a game of golf to ski-mountaineering races! He is a former Irish Windsurfing Champion and has represented Ireland and Great Britain at World Sailing and Windsurfing Championships. He is married to Jane – also a Dentist and has 4 beautiful daughters.

Donal O’Halloran- BDS