Natural Coloured Fillings

Increasingly we are asked to place natural colour fillings by people who want a more complete, beautiful smile. Whilst amalgam (metal) fillings can be very practical and are sometimes necessary if you require a deep filling in a molar, it’s not always the most pleasing aesthetically.

Whether you need a new filling which is clinically required or wish to change an existing one, speak to our experienced team about your options. We will carefully select the correct shade and match your filling to ensure a good result both clinically and aesthetically.

Composite material (which we use in natural coloured fillings) can also be used for composite veneers, where one of our specialist clinicians can use the material to close gaps and change the shape or colour of a tooth to help you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

We’re committed to delivering the best results that will allow you to smile with confidence. Please ask to take a look at photographs of recent treatments so you can see just what we can achieve here at our dental practice near Falmouth.

If you would like to discuss a new or replacement natural coloured filling, please contact the practice.

Have found both Sean and the hygienist excellent and am very happy to continue coming to the practice. Very professional and also very friendly. It was fantastic the speed with which you responded when I needed an emergency filling over the Christmas break and just days before our overseas vacation in early January this year.

We both moved to this practice some time ago. The hygienist has been very sympathetic to my gum problems and following her advice I have made great progress in reducing the swelling and improving the tightening of the teeth.

M Davies