Preventative Dentistry for Children

Prevention is at the heart of everything we do, including when it comes to our littlest patients. Working with children, and their parents and carers, from an early age to prevent tooth damage and decay means they can enjoy a lifetime of confidence in their appearance and a healthy smile. Children with good oral health learn to speak faster and more easily, and can absorb more nutrients from their food as they can chew properly.

We recommend that a child’s first visit to the dentist comes around the time their first tooth comes through, or around the age of 1. Our experienced, friendly team can help you and your child learn the best ways to look after little teeth and gums, including good brushing techniques using an age-appropriate fluoride toothpaste, and guidance on the sugary foods and drinks to avoid while young mouths are developing.

We also make sure that every appointment is fun and relaxed, so your child always feels comfortable to attend the practice as they get older. We provide dental treatments for children that can help to prevent problems in the future, such as sealants to protect against decay, and mouthguards for sports. When the time comes we can talk to you about orthodontic options to help them have a smile they’re proud of, in addition to aligned teeth that are easier to clean.

If you would like to find out more about our approach to dental care and prevention for children, or to book an appointment for your child at our Penryn practice, please get in touch.

l have never had so much confidence in a dentist, or been able to receive such prompt treatment, than I have experienced since coming to Penryn Dental. The standard of work I have had has been, to date, unmatchable.

Valerie N