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Important COVID-19 Information January 2021

Important Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update January 2021 Please read before attending the practice. Following the announcement of another National Lockdown, the provision of dental services can continue as per the advice given to us today- 4th January 2021- by the Chief Dental Officer; ‘The majority of public services will continue and you will be able to […]

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Facial aesthetics treatments – the importance of a consultation

There are many different reasons why our faces change when we age. Changes to the underlying anatomy such as the bones, muscles and fatty areas, and changes to our skin as hyaluronic acid and collagen production diminishes. The skin on our face can begin to thin, causing lines and hollows to appear more pronounced, especially […]

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How to treat an ageing neck

Usually, when people think about anti-ageing treatments, they think about what can be done for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. But did you know that there are non-surgical options available that can also treat an ageing neck? The neck area can be especially affected over time, as the delicate skin of the neck […]

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Treatments for tired eyes

From laughter to fury and everything in between, our faces reflect a huge range of emotions every day. It’s an essential part of how we communicate, but what if your face isn’t reflecting how you’re really feeling? As we age, and the skin begins to lose its natural elasticity, we often find that natural creases, […]

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How to get the smile you’ve always wanted

How confident are you feeling today? There are lots of different factors that can affect this, unfortunately they’re not always within your control. One thing many of our patients talk to us about when it comes to how they feel is their smile. The good news is that if you’re dissatisfied with your smile, there […]

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Facial Aesthetics Price Guide

There are several important factors to consider when you’re thinking about Facial Aesthetics treatments, one of which is cost. If you’re looking for wrinkle reduction treatment or dermal fillers in Cornwall, you will find a skilled, experienced practitioner, and the highest quality products at our dental practice near Falmouth. When it comes to the cost […]

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Facial Aesthetics in Cornwall

If you’re considering boosting the appearance of your skin, it’s no longer necessary to make the long trip to Bristol or Exeter. Safe, effective wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers are now available in Cornwall. Here at our dental practice in Penryn, we offer specialist facial aesthetics treatments alongside our extensive range of dentistry treatments. Whether […]

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Wrinkle Reduction Treatment in Cornwall

Fine lines and wrinkles are one of the most obvious early signs of aging. Everyday expressions such as smiling and frowning, time spent in the sun, smoking and even genetic factors can result in wrinkles becoming deeper over time, particularly around the eyes, mouth and forehead. At our friendly, relaxed dental practice near Falmouth we […]

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Celebrating Nadine and Kim working with us for 25 years!

Our receptionists Kim and Nadine will be familiar faces to patients of the practice, and to those who live in the local area. They have worked here at Penryn Dental Practice since the early 1990’s, supporting the practice throughout its extensive development, renovation and expansion over the past 25 years, helping it to grow into […]

Facial Aesthetics

Guide to Facial Aesthetics

Here at Penryn Dental Practice, we offer facial aesthetics treatments to complement the dentistry we provide, as we understand that some people are looking for ways to boost their confidence and appearance beyond their smile.  What is Facial Aesthetics? Facial aesthetics is an exciting medical speciality that incorporates a range of non-surgical procedures, such as […]

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Treatments for Tooth Wear

Here at Penryn Dental Practice, we have noticed that as more people are retaining their teeth for longer, some are developing excessive tooth wear. As the structure of the tooth is damaged, nerves can be exposed, causing pain and discomfort. Excessive tooth wear can result in a drastic change in the shape of your tooth, […]

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Guide to Interdental Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like the deep clean feel when you’ve been to the dentist for a hygiene treatment. But how can you keep your mouth healthy between appointments? Brushing alone only reaches up to 60% of the surface of your teeth – typically the front, back and biting surfaces of your teeth that are easily […]

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Our New Treatment Room

We are delighted to announce that our patients can now enjoy a brand new treatment room! Due to high demand, we have opened a new treatment room to accommodate more patients seeking sparkling teeth and healthy gums from their hygiene treatments. Donal O’Halloran, our Joint Principal Dentist says “We have a lot of people wanting […]

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Welcome To Our New Website!

We’re proud to launch our new-look website, designed to help you find out more about the Penryn Dental Practice quickly and easily. For example, you can take a look at our promises to patients, meet the team and learn more about the history of the practice. When it comes to dental treatments, we’ve divided all […]

Important Information

March 2020

The NHS is well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious disease and has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.

Check online at and at for advice on your travel and contact history and the latest COVID-19 information before attending the dental practice.