Treatments for tired eyes

From laughter to fury and everything in between, our faces reflect a huge range of emotions every day. It’s an essential part of how we communicate, but what if your face isn’t reflecting how you’re really feeling?

As we age, and the skin begins to lose its natural elasticity, we often find that natural creases, fine lines and wrinkles remain on the face. This is especially common around the eyes, which leads many people to feel they look tired and world weary, when actually they’re feeling fresh & ready to go.

So what is causing your eyes to look tired? And is there anything you can do to change the appearance of tired eyes?

Some people find the lines at the corners of their eyes, known as the crow’s feet, become more pronounced over time. This is because the skin loses bounce and volume as elastin and collagen levels decrease as we age. The skin around the eyes can become particularly prone to wrinkles and sagging, especially when the muscles that contract in the area when we smile and frown are used constantly.

Another consequence of frowning, or even just squinting on sunny days or when reading, are the lines that form between the eyebrows and on the forehead. These can make your eyes not only look tired, but even make you appear stern, disapproving and unapproachable.

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Perhaps you’ve also noticed your eyebrows themselves have sunk lower towards your eyes. Again, this can make the eyes look hooded and weary. As we age the muscles that hold the eyebrows in place, combined with skin that loses elasticity and strength, plus the effect of gravity, can combine to make the eyebrows drop.

All of these issues can be addressed using anti-wrinkle injections, to smooth out fine lines and creases around the eyes. Depending on your individual requirements, these may also be combined with dermal fillers, to boost and plump the skin, brightening and lifting the skin around the eyes so you look brighter and more alert.

Claire Shaw, the experienced facial aesthetics practitioner at our clinic in Cornwall can deliver careful, considered anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. Claire will work closely with you to understand which areas of the face are causing you concern, and can offer advice and guidance on the best treatment for your eyes if you feel they are looking tired.

Find out more by giving us a call, or visit our Facial Aesthetics pages for details about how we can transform your appearance and boost your confidence.