How to treat an ageing neck

Usually, when people think about anti-ageing treatments, they think about what can be done for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. But did you know that there are non-surgical options available that can also treat an ageing neck?

The neck area can be especially affected over time, as the delicate skin of the neck contains less elastin fibres than the face, which results in weaker collagen support. Men and women both find that they not only experience lines and wrinkles, but also sagging skin, often called crepey or turkey neck, or are more likely to develop a double chin.


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When we speak to patients, they often tell us that they are experiencing a loss of confidence due to the appearance of their neck. They are concerned that despite other anti-ageing efforts, such as a regular hairdresser visits and skincare routines for their face, their neck and décolletage can not be treated, and will therefore always give away their age.

However, thanks to developments in non-surgical treatments, there are some fantastic options available to help you roll back the years and give you have a tighter, more youthful neck area.

For example, anti-wrinkle injections can be used around the lower jaw and neckline, which will deliver a tightening and lifting of the area.

Another option could be using dermal fillers to improve volume and elasticity in the neck. This effective treatment works well on this delicate area and will help reduce sagging skin, making it appear more plump and smooth.

Our Facial Aesthetics practitioner Claire works with each patient on a case-by-case basis, to really understand your individual concerns and requirements. Claire will then help design an individual treatment plan to deliver the results you’re looking for right here at our discreet, private practice near Falmouth, Cornwall.

Claire is on-hand to answer all your questions.

Once treatment is complete, we have the excellent Neostrata skin care range available that can help protect and maintain your new look, so you can enjoy the confidence that comes with anti-ageing treatment for your neck for years to come.