Facial aesthetics treatments – the importance of a consultation

There are many different reasons why our faces change when we age. Changes to the underlying anatomy such as the bones, muscles and fatty areas, and changes to our skin as hyaluronic acid and collagen production diminishes.

The skin on our face can begin to thin, causing lines and hollows to appear more pronounced, especially around the cheeks and mouth. If you feel dissatisfied with your appearance, a consultation with a qualified, experienced facial aesthetics practitioner could be the right choice for you.


Should I have facial aesthetics treatment?

There are several factors to take into account when you’re thinking about facial aesthetics treatments, from the results you’re looking for to your personal circumstances and budget.

A consultation with an experienced practitioner is essential, where you can ask all your questions and get a personalised treatment recommendation.

You will also want to visit the treatment location, to ensure you feel satisfied with the hygiene and safety procedures, and to discuss the practitioners qualifications. Here at the Penryn Dental Practice, you’ll find a discreet, welcoming and comfortable environment for your private consultation.


What results could I expect from facial aesthetics treatment?

Having a thorough consultation is important to establish your concerns and then, most importantly, offer you the right treatment to achieve your desired result.

This may be plumping or reshaping the face to more youthful contours, or making improvements to the appearance of the skin.


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If you’re considering facial aesthetic treatment in Cornwall, in order to boost your appearance and your confidence, you can book a consultation at our practice near Falmouth to discuss the options available.

Our Facial Aesthetics practitioner Claire (who is also one of our dentists) holds a Level 7 qualification in Injectable Medicine from the Harley Academy in London, which recognises her competence and experience. Treatments are delivered at our private dental practice in Cornwall, which adheres to the very best standards of cleanliness and ongoing client support.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more or to book your initial consultation.