Endodontic Treatment

If you’re experiencing pain and swelling around a tooth, it may be that an infection has developed inside of the tooth, in the tissue known as the pulp, which is made up of blood vessels and nerves.

A root canal treatment, another name for Endodontic treatment that most people are familiar, is required to remove the infected tissue, reduce discomfort and prevent further problems which could ultimately result in tooth loss.

We are often asked if a root canal treatment is painful. Developments in dentistry, combined with the experienced dentists at Penryn Dental Practice, mean that every effort can be made to ensure your comfort at all times. We gently administer a local anaesthetic, and can even offer IV sedation for more anxious patients.

During the procedure your dentist will open the infected tooth and thoroughly clean out and remove the damaged pulp, before filling and sealing it. Often we will recommend a dental crown to further protect and strengthen the structure of the tooth. If you have an abscess, it may be necessary for us to prescribe you a course of antibiotics prior to carrying out the treatment.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about root canal treatment at our dental practice near Falmouth, please get in touch.

The kindness of Claire and my confidence in her ensured that even a root canal was not a problem for me (a complete coward!). Many thanks.