Although dentures will never be as effective as your natural teeth or dental implants, modern dentures are certainly looking and functioning better than ever. Gone are the days of poorly fitting, embarrassing dentures. Instead, patients find they are well-fitted and help improve chewing and speech. They are also vital in supporting your facial muscles to fill-out your face and prevent an aged appearance.

If you’re considering dentures, our team of experienced dentists here at the practice near Falmouth will take the time to discuss your options, including the different materials available, and answer any questions you may have so you can make a considered decision. We can even discuss the options of using dental implants to support dentures, further improving their retention in the mouth.

Depending on whether full or partial dentures are necessary, we will take impressions and create models of your mouth to ensure that the dental laboratory can create dentures that are a perfect fit for your mouth.

We may need to make adjustments to them to get them exactly as you want them, however we will keep you well informed at each stage of the treatment until we give you dentures that will allow you to eat and smile with confidence once more.

If you would like to discuss dentures with one of our dentists, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

I have always been most happy with my treatment and have every confidence in Sean . He makes my smile and makes me smile!

Jill P