Tooth Wear

We have noticed that as more people retain their teeth for longer, some develop excessive tooth wear. This can cause a range of problems including discomfort, embarrassment in the appearance of the teeth and difficulty eating.  There are a number of reasons behind this tooth wear; acidic foods and drinks, tooth grinding habits or other medical conditions.

Our friendly team have experience in recognising tooth wear, and will discuss with you the important elements of prevention when you come in to see us at our dental practice in Penryn.

We may recommend treatment such as specialised splints, or in some cases reconstruction of worn teeth. Our dentists have undergone additional training and have worked with lots of patients in order to rebuild severely worn teeth to maintain chewing function, improve speech and boost their confidence.

If you are concerned that you have worn teeth which are affecting your ability to eat or talk properly, or feel you can’t smile without being worried about how your teeth look, get in touch to find out more or to book an appointment.

Since my first appointment on moving to this area in 2011, I have been most impressed by the quality of care, efficiency, cleanliness and general delightful ambience of the surroundings and friendliness of the staff, plus convenient parking facilities.

Jane G